July 09, 2003

slowy, slowy, act like you know me

SWM, 26, blond, slightly chubby, green eyes, slightly repressed mostly mid-western boy with some island flavor; intensely solipsistic; somewhat irresponsible; rabid music fan with slightly obscure tastes; reads incessantly: books, newspapers, magazines, 'zines, web sites, blogs, signs, tea leaves, palms, between lines; agnostic with serious existential angst; sarcastic, caustic, but seldom intentionally cruel; overeducated; drinks heavily, smokes heavily, uses profanity all the fuckin' time; brit-o-phile; cash poor, but has thousands of CDs, books and Lps and some cool furniture, and unique airline benefits; world traveler, enjoys getting lost; given to bouts of mild to severe depression, possibly manic-depressive; pop-culture obsessed;
SF 22-30, slightly earnest, creative type, spontaneous but somewhat grounded, lover of travel, liker of target, cool kitsch stores, willing to tolerate and possibly enjoy hours long trips to record and book stores, preferably writer or musician, but willing to consider others
have wild debauched nights, snuggle on couch, watch idiosyncratic movies, listen to records while drinking gin and tonics lying on the floor with the lights off on hot summer nights, travel the world, camp on beaches, have long talks about the existence of a higher power, spend hours quitely reading and have it be pleasant not awkward, go see concerts galore, cheer up slightly in times of depression, calm down slightly in times of mania, have wild sex, sleepy sex, morning sex, and go on cross continent train journeys.

Those with eating disorders, severe father or mother issues, kids, jealousy problems or husbands need not apply.

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