July 10, 2003


Ok, people.
I hate to do this.
I wanted to leave my personal ad up top for a couple days, but according to my stats page, I had over 700 hits yesterday, July 9th.
How many comments did I get yesterday, July 9th?
Now there were the six people looking for a frankie goes to Hollywood page, I'll forgive them.
That still leaves us with 705 people.
Lets say, oh, 100 of those were me as I messed about with the slogan and such.
I know katie checked it at least once cause she IMed me about the posts. I'll be generous to the rest of you and assume she checked it 50 times.
To the Spoon, Wilco, Jack Johnson and Liz Phair fans, I apologise for not having their lyrics here. I hope you enjoyed your time here anyway. All 32 of you are off the hook.
With my massive ego, I assume that at least a couple of those were the fabulous Miss K. Hi Miss K. Sorry i haven't emailed back. I'm sort of at a loss what to do or say. Let's assume she checked the page 3 times just so we get a nice round number.
Now there were other search queries that brought people here, mostly by happenstance, so another 120 of you get off the hook, but a couple of you need to be arrested for searching for those words in that order.
Let's assume that everybody who comes to this site reloads four times.
And let's also assume that say two-thirds of the people who read this are too confused, scared, disgusted or bored to comment.
No one else gets out of here alive.
I should have 33 comments from yesterday.
I know you people have something to say.
I read your inane comments on Sarah's site. She posts about faucets and gets 125 comments.
So, mute people, get thee to a commentary.

P.S. The ever brilliant pip and the two-years-too-young-but-i-doubt-she-could-put-up-with-the-drinking-in-any-event and splendiforous Miss Choppa are exempt because they left comments today. And petey, cause I bumped his awesome slogan. And cause he's the coolest. And they all comment all the time. See, they're cool.

P.P.S. Read my fake personal ad. It's funny.

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