July 16, 2003

so, my lunch appointment cancelled. which is ok, because today was shaping up to be insanely busy and i can't find my little voice recorder thingy so i was gonna have to use my digital camera. which would be the ideal way to do it, but i'm not sure how well it captures conversations, and it's falling apart. yeah, my nice new digital camera is broken. Harrrumph. it's still under warranty and it still works, but i'm afraid i'll do lasting and permanent damage if i use it before it goes to the shop.

but enough about my camera. i was supposed to start my interviews for this one-sheet microzine i'm gonna put out. (Those of you who remember the promised special print edition of the spigot are probably going "WTF?", but i promise, swear, that that is still going to happen, and i am working on it, it just kept getting bigger and bigger, and now has a CD component, it'll come, i promise. and it'll be a nice suprise when it does.) This little microzine is uber-focused and should actually be released. assuming i can get people to show up for interviews.

tonight, tonight, tonight will be hectic. tonight is one of those nights i kick myself about. tonight is one of those nights where i stop being a really laid back person and become a stressed out guilt ridden one. i never have anything to do. you know this. my days stretch out into oblivion with nary an appointment on the schedule. but wednesday, july 16th, i have errantly commited to three things which would have to happen in some form of simultaneity to make everyone happy. first, about a month ago, i committed to see bat boy the musical with my mom. this is fine cool and good. i love the WWN and bat boy, and am damn excited to see what is supposed to be a witty, exciting musical. second, today is my friend kurte's birthday. i have committed to going out to sushi with him and some other people and then going out drinking with them. thirdly, i told sarah b. that i would go to empire with her and con them into booking bishop allen when they come through town. something's gotta give, obviously. so here's the plan. sorry, sarah, but we're gonna have to do that tomorrow or friday. or later this evening, like 10:30. i'll be the good son and go to the musical, and either try to convince them to go get sushi early, or meet them after the musical.


i know that's all trivial, easily dealt with stuff, but you gotta remember, i have nothing going on here, people being busy all day actually sounded pleasant, i'm sorry my lunch appointment cancelled.

two side notes:
i don't know what exactly it is, but Annie Waits by ben folds is fucking ruling my school today. thanks to matt for giving me that one. it's crunchy and has cheesy piano and synths and it's just beautiful.

and two, i had this realization the other day...
i want to be with someone who makes driving through the streets and over the highways that i've driven a thousand times before feel like i'm driving over them for the first time. you know that feeling you get speeding through albuquerque on the way to los angeles? or pulling into brussels for the first time and seeing the big silver atomium from the halls of justice, and then getting lost and confused trying to get to the kitschy chrome monstrosity? or driving into blacksburg and stopping at a bbq place just because the pig on the sign is wearing a chef's hat and what look to be tux shoes? someone who makes everyday feel new and full of possibility.

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