July 17, 2003

avec moi... sans moi

i had this dream last night, where we ran into each other at Mont Saint Michel, and hiked together across the sand, back to the coast. We spent all day in some little brasserie, drinking coffee and talking, talking about everything and nothing as we are bound to do, and then we walk down the street and end up back in Paris, back in the all nighter, back next to the polite reserved man and his female friend who is having a nervous breakdown, and then we walk to notre dame, but it's not notre dame, it's the royal palace in liechtenstein, and there somehow, we board the orient express, days and nights on the rails, ending up in mongolia, touring buddhist monasteries that were hidden from the chinese, and then to tokyo, where we sleep in a capsule hotel, barely enough room for one, but we make it fit two, and then somewhere, in the haze of a pachinko parlor, i lose you, ilose you and wander all over japan, taking my motorcycle and my satchel from mountain to shore searching for you.

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