July 17, 2003

still building then burning down love

you keep telling me it's hot in your room
i'm coming to take you away, to abscond secretly with you
take you in my car out past needles, through the forests of flagstaff
we'll ride with the windows down, sweating
listening to the joshua tree
singing along, topping out our souls with the volume
through Searchlight, Nevada, through the black rock racing highway
into utah, to zion, then bryce and the stars will come out
and we'll lie there, drinking red wine, hungry
looking at the multitude, looking at orion's arms
leave with me
i can be there in one rotation of the earth,
before the sun hits the same spot twice
we'll stay in a deserted motel, with a dried up pool
in a hot sweaty queen bed
and after nothing all day but staring into the distance,
we'll find a roadhouse and sing hank williams songs with the band
and we'll eat fry bread on the roadside,
i'll buy you a cheap turquoise necklace
and we'll take the back roads with arms out the window,
sticky dirty perfect.

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