October 07, 2003

sometimes you eat the bar...

some business that I'm too lazy to email, and a notable blog.

confidential to katie:
miss hall, are we having wednesday drinking club meeting tomorrow?

Sorry I missed last week, I hope I'll be able to catch up.

confidential to pip_52:
Ok, so I was in the most bewildering music store in the world yesterday, and I had North in my little mitts. Then I saw the Get Happy!! reissue with the new bonus CD with 30!! (count 'em, 30!!), extra tracks, and the usual insanely detailed liner notes written by E.C. hisself, for a whole dollar cheaper than said new album, and I just had to get that. So now I have two (count 'em, two!!) copies of said album somewhere, but since I can't seem to find my ryko reissue after the big move, I'm getting happy that I bought the new one. Oh, and I can't stand up for falling down.

And, my buddy Andy has updated his blog!!

So go wisit it. Nowowowowowowowowowow.

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