October 07, 2003

How can I sing like a girl

So, with no musical talent, and a billion CDs, after years of talking 'bout it 'bout it, I've decided I'm starting a band. This is something akin to Chris Berman deciding he's going to form an NFL franchise, be the coach, GM and QB.

I will be singing (and Chops knows exactly how scary this proposition is).

The band will be called...

(drum roll please)

(oh, that's right, I have no drummer)


I'm aiming for a sort of Elvis Costello meets the Clean meets the Pogues meets Mike Doughty meets Spoon meets Wilco's being there meets Clem Snide meets a big fuckin' grizzly bear who eats them all and then burps lyrics sounding like a less hard tom waits style.

So piss off.

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