October 08, 2003

Don't, don't, don't let's start

Top five signs steve is depressed right now:
1. Sleeping 12-14 hours a day and still tired.
2. Eating constantly. And gaining lots of weight.
3. Irrationally intense emotional reactions to things. (Finding/not finding parking spaces, making/not making lights, having missed 28 Days in theaters, fighting traffic)
4. Total cessation of masturbation or even impulse to maturbate.
5. Chain smoking.

Top five reasons why steve is depressed right now:
1. Overwhelmed with everything.
2. Fear of success/failure at new writing program.
3. Homesick.
4. Lack of structure in daily routine.
5. Not drinking enough.

Top five reasons why it is ridiculous for steve to be depressed:
1. In writing program which he really wanted to get into.
2. Finally out of Tulsa, his main excuse for being depressed over the last year.
3. Fun friends that he hangs out with all the time.
4. No money problems thanks to huge loans.
5. People seem to like his writing.

I think I need to go for a jog, or maybe start saying "Everyday, in every way, I am becoming a better and better second lieutenant."

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