December 15, 2003

All I want for christmas...

is a Super Fast Monkey Car.

I have no idea what one is, but some guy named Fritz was looking for one over at Kevynn's site.

And good god does that sound cool.

I also want a membership to KCRW, the best radio station in LA, and quite possibly the USA, even if they only played engine shed stuff a very few times.

I could also desperately use a new printer. Matt tells me i should get one with tray loading paper, like the HPs. I don't know. I don't care. I just want it to be fast and not fuck up. It took over an hour to print my 68 page play the other day. That should take like 10 minutes at most.

Also, a teakettle. I've found myself fixing lots of tea lately, and i enjoy it. But I'm thinking maybe I'd like an actual kettle rather than using a pot or a saucepan all the time.

A bookcase. I have books everywhere. EVERYWHERE. I need one to go in front of my Scooby-doo revolving door so I can get some of the boxes out of my living room.

A rug. Something to tie the room together.

A new computer chair that won't ruin my back.

Oh, a coffee table. Then I could have people over and we could eat in the bedroom/livingroom/den instead of the cramped kitchen/dining/storage room.

A screen printing set-up would be beyond rad. Then I could make t-shirts with anything on them. I think the screen printing stuff might be a close second to the Monkey Car.

A filing cabinet would be nice as well.

I think that's everything. Well, I mean, unless you can get me in to meet Bono, Steve Martin, Peter Gabriel, Julian Barnes, Wes Anderson, or Joe Frank.

Oh, Gift Certificates to Amoeba would be cool, too.

Just kidding. Don't buy me anything. Just be nicer to people. And smile more. Hug each other more. And beat up at least one Limp Bizkit/Korn/Nickleback/Creed listening punk-ass motherfucker who thinks he's all tough and needs to show it by starting fights at lame mall bars. Hell, I'd be happy if ya' killed him. Then maybe I'd see less stupid fights around LA. They're like roaches, people.

Happy Christmas. (War is Over. If Bush Wants it.)

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