December 22, 2003

Mad World, Merry Christmas

So we know what the Christmas #1 is. And that's pretty cool.

Shooting five year-olds isn't.

This is sort of funny in that "Holy FUCK!!! They're dirtier than we even thought! They're fucking lying to us, how do you people not see this!"-Bill Hicks-scary-as-shit-when-you-stop-laughing sort of way.

I guess this is why people believe in higher powers. To comfort them in the face of a little kid being shot in the chest while he's holding a sandwich. Or to make them feel like that even though their leaders are lying, cheating, hypocritical bastards, somehow, the world won't implode. Or explode.

Maybe this is why this shit bothers me so much. Maybe if I just accepted Christ as my lord and saviour, I would just ignore this shit like everyone else.

And start liking NASCAR and Creed.


I'll enjoy my family's godless Christmas and shit my pants about where the world is headed, thankyouverymuch.

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