May 09, 2004

limousine eyelash

Junk mail absurdist (found) poetry:

avocado pit 8661 alchemists 
Any plaintiff can brainwash razor blade about,
but it takes a real mastadon to toward dolphin.
Any minivan can operate a small fruit stand with living with line dancer,
but it takes a real swamp to guardian angel for a curse about stalactite daydreams,
but related to support group trade baseball cards with avocado pit about.
Still bounce her form of demon,
brainwash her deficit of with about submarine.
for abstraction secretly admire mastadon toward,
but squid about traffic light share a shower with tenor toward clock.
Furthermore, impresario around alchemist gets stinking drunk,
and garbage can of bartender caricature marzipan of swamp.
legislate chicagoan coventry invite cowhide programmable amphibian

over 0 because
CEO around jersey cow, carpet tack near,
and alchemist for are what made America great!pork chop inside rejoices,
and cargo bay behind leaves; however, grand piano inside mourn...
When hydrogen atom of graduated cylinder is wily,
of mortician cook cheese grits for related to freight train.
Any bowling french ball can bounce over grand piano,
but it takes a real support group to earring toward.
alchemists remain so-called.
Now and then, lover toward movie theater negotiate a prenuptial agreement with living with dilettante.
tenderfoot exclusionary ballast lax bugging

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