May 11, 2004

Star Fuckker

So I saw Fred Durst at Swinger's tonight.
He was wearing a Sonic Youth t-shirt.
Buddyhead's latest on mr. durst (see the "BIGGEST POSER ALIVE UPDATE") pretty much sums up my feelings about him.
Mr. Durst is now claiming to listen to the Smiths, My Bloody Valentine, Mazzy Star, and the afore mentioned Sonic Youth.
I guess he's finally reached 10th grade CIRCA 1992-93.
What the fuck?
Read buddyhead.

I can only echo their sentiments about this cock-jock-rap-rock cum record-exec.
I hate him.

In other news, Katie saw Lucas from Empire Records (aka: Rock and Fun) at Ze Coach and Horses.
Katie is so much cooler than me. Even in the celebrities she sees.

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