February 22, 2005

Can anyone read Japanese?

This picture of "Mario Kart Arcade GP" looks like Pac-Man is a playable character. (!!) If this somehow gets released in the US, I'll have a reason to go to arcades again. I hope I at least get to play it once when I go to Japan. More pics here (scroll down, unless you can read Japanese. And if you can, tell me what that says, please.)
via TMK

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February 15, 2005

Finally, a protologism for one of my favorite activities.

babelrybski, a "partial translation of babelfish into Russian" (ed. and then transliteration into the roman alphabet), refers to the mangling of text by an automated translator to or from Russian.
I say, why not make it just text mangled by an automated translator?
You can't very well have a different word for each language, and babelrybski sounds significantly mangled for any language to me.
So, the next time you get something like this:

babelrybski, "a partial abelfishuebersetzung in the Russian" (OD and then transmission backs), refer, to mutilate from the text by a translator that was automated at or by Russians. I legend, why it the text not to make which was just mutilated by an automated translator? They cannot have well very another word for each language, and babelrybski noticeably injuring for any language at me sounds. Thus next time, you receive something as this:

babelrybski, "abelfishuebersetzung partial in the Russian" (later parts of the then transmission and of Or), talks about, for muti of I prove of a translator to that it was automated or of Russians. It illustrates, purquoi he proves not to do that it has been mutilated hardly of an automated translator? They cannot considerably have well much another word for each language and babelrybski that damaged for some language she to me them sounds. Thus after time, they receive something like this:

whoa. almost got caught in a loop there.
In any event, the next time you recieve a mangled translation, remember to call it a babelrybski.

Oh, and remember DNA for the original babelfish concept.

You can go look for more protologisms to use in the Wiktionary.

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February 09, 2005

Apparently they tracked him down in Trapper John, Maryland.

Tell me this headline doesn't make it sound like Alan Alda was charged with assault.

Or am I dating myself with that?

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February 03, 2005

Boot the Electro-goth crap!

If you hate The Faint as much as I do, the odd new 'game' promoting their song 'Drop Kick the Punks' will provide a welcome opportunity to watch them fall and bleed. If you like The Faint, well, the best i can do for you is point you to their audio page, where you can download 6 album tracks and a baker's dozen remixed tracks. That and recommend you get off your pansy ass and find some better music.
Don't say I never did nuthin' for you.

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New Music

Rogue Wave, Zach Rogue's ass kicking trio from San Fran-cheesy, released an iTunes exclusive EP on January 25th. It contains a cover of 'Seconds' from U2's War, which just may be the best U2 cover ever, along with "Exhumed & Groomed" versions of 'Falcon Settles Me,' 'Man-Revolutionary' (for some reason missing its exclamation point), 'Sewn Up', 'Endless Shovel', and 'Endgame.' All of those songs appear on their excellent 2004 Sub Pop release Out of the Shadow. In fact, if you've never heard Rouge wave before and 30 second iTunes clips aren't enough for you to go by, you can download two songs, 'Every Moment' and 'Endless Shovel', for free courtesy of Sub Pop.
"Exhumed & Groomed" means fantastiic soundboard live recordings remixed andd remastered. The whole EP is a steal at $5.94, or pick and choose for 99 cents a song.

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My thoughts on Napster's "iTunes" killer subscription service:

*It is necessary to maintain a Napster subscription in order to continue access to songs downloaded through the Napster service.

I like to, you know, own stuff, not rent it. I have no interest in downloading 10,000 songs that quit working if I don't pay Napster my $15.99 a month.

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February 02, 2005

Would you buy Van Gogh from eBay?

Young Peasant Woman Peeling Potatoes Seen Against the Window, a Van Gogh authenticated by the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam and painted around 1885, is currently available on eBay for the low buy it now price of $4,800,000.00 (I like how they have the cents in there. I wonder if it would sell faster if it were only $4,799,999.99?).
While this does seem like a fairly good price for a minor Van Gogh (Just think if someone bought this for a museum near you- assuming you don't live near the Art Institute, the Guggenheim, the Hermitage, the Getty, the Musée d'Orsay, the Met, the Museum of Fine Arts (in Boston or Houston), MoMA, the Cleveland Museum of Art, the National Gallery (of the USA, Canadia, or the UK), or the Rijksmuseum- it'd be all, 'w00t, we got a Van Gogh!'), and I wouldn't complain if someone wanted to buy it and donate it to Philbrook, buying a near 5 million dollar painting on eBay seems a bit, I don't know, sketchy to me.
I'm just saying, I wouldn't be looking at eBay if I were a serious art collector looking to pick up a Van Gogh. I mean, someone's trying to sell this for a cool mil.

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