October 31, 2003

da da. da da. da da, da da. da da da da da da.

for those of you who need a good scare this halloween,
come to california:

we're on fire

people are striking, making it hard to get around and buy groceries.

Oh, yeah. Guess who the governor-elect is hanging out with?


Hold me.

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October 30, 2003

and his name is Steve.

this man is my hero.

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holy jesus, thank you for funny, funny shit when I am down.

but then again, I didn't know she was having an affair either!

thank you, tizza.

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do you ever just look at your swatch and wonder where the hell the day went?

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Her name is Yoshimi - she's a black belt in karate -
Working for the city - she has to discipline her body -
Cause she knows that it's demanding to defeat these
Evil machines - I know she can beat them -

Oh Yoshimi
They don't believe me
But you won't let those
Robots eat me

Oh Yoshimi
They don't believe me
But you won't let those
Robots defeat me

Those evil natured robots - they're programmed to
Destroy us - She's gotta be strong to fight them -
So she's taking lots of vitamins - cause she knows that
It'd be tragic if those evil robots win - I know
She can beat them -

Oh Yoshimi
They don't believe me
But you won't let those
Robots eat me

Oh Yoshimi
They don't believe me
But you won't let those
Robots defeat me

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October 29, 2003

talk talk (spirit of eden and laughing stock, anyway) = kid a meets dark side of the moon, played by the frames, backed by a jazz quartet and a string quartet (a strazz and jing octet?) fronted by a more fragile voiced peter gabriel.

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always the last to know

ok, how come no one told me about Talk Talk?
I mean really told me.
Sure, I'd heard a few songs here and there, and knew they were a VU type band (one of those everybody who bought a copy went out and started a band bands), but why did no one sit me down, give me a pack of cigarettes, and make me listen to Spirit of Eden and Laughing Stock back-to-back?
I mean, people knew I liked PG and Radiohead and Elbow and Leonard Cohen and Tom Waits and Joe Henry.
I can't believe these albums have been around for over a decade and I've never heard them.
Good god.
If you haven't heard them, go buy them. NOW.
Seriously. These are life changing works.
Utterly astounding.
Incomprehensible how I could have 2000 CDs and records and not these two.
That is all.
I'm going to (and pretty much have already) stay up all night listening to them back-to-back on repeat.
Beautiful, amazing, fragile, life-changing.
My jaw just keeps dropping.

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holy shit.

This is some funny, funny fucking shit.
Thanks to Kev for linking it.
I love the Balki sounding narrator.

"Alaska can come too."

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October 28, 2003

good god.

i have picked up some kick ass music recently.
Here goes.
Quasi - Hot Shit
Centro-matic - Love you just the same
The Incredible Moses Leroy - become the Softlightes
British Sea Power - The Decline of British Sea Power (Come awwwwn!)
Slumber Party - 3
City of God Soundtrack
And random iTunes tracks from:
The Decemberists
Clem Snide
The Flaming Lips
Serge Gainsbourg
Peter Gabriel
Tony! Toni! Toné!
Tears for Fears

Just thought you guys might want to know.

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sold my soul to the company store

I have a problem.
I never eat at McDonalds.
I, in fact, generally dislike everything about McDonalds.
But I LOVE Monopoly.
So I've eaten at the gd Mickey D's four times in the last week.
I have a grand total of $4 in Best Buy bucks, and three Park Places.
This coupled with spending lots of time with my ice cream devouring friends is making my clothes not fit.
I need to start working out.
I'm becoming a Steve-shaped blob.

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bad post-birthday attempt at a short poem

You make me feel like morphine
you make me want to rip the phone out of the wall
I'd chop down a forest for you
like riding the helter skelter, it swallows the universe
there's no rhyme or reason, just technical teeth
cannibal girls won't you come out tonight, come out tonight, come out tonight
do da
whistling over the liffey, flannery o'conner kissed my lips
and left me crying, suspended
the orange light means everything is over
so hide under the covers, lovers
for the good of mankind, to the suprise of mankind
only I never felt less like a bird

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October 27, 2003


this is a special birthday for me, and not just because k, katie, libby, aden and my mom and dad got me such kick ass gifts.

it is my age:day birthday.
I am 27 on the 27th.
Only once, people.
And you know what?
27 feels less old than 26 or 25 did somehow.
I guess I've just become comfortable with not being 20 anymore.
Or resigned myself to it.
I still reserve the right to freak out in two years. And in three years.

one parting thought:
God bless Arthur Guinness and Jack Daniel.

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other october 27ths.

1728: Captain James Cook, Discoverer of Hawaii, Australia and New Zealand
1782: Niccolo Paganini, Italian composer and violinist
1811: Isaac M Singer, inventor, manufacturer
1858: Theodore Roosevelt, 26th President of the United States
1904: The New York Subway, Mass transit system
1914: Dylan Thomas, Welsh author and poet
1923: Roy Lichtenstein, Artist
1932: Sylvia Plath, Author and obsessive oven cleaner
1939: John Cleese, British actor and writer
1952: Roberto Benigni, actor, director and cab driver
1958: Simon LeBon, Duran Duran frontman
1967: Scott Weiland, singer and junkie

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Happy Birthday To Me

I was having a good sleep in my car.
In the parking lot of the Showboat Casino Hotel.
I say I remember you, you drive like a PTA mother.
You brought me draft beer in a plastic cup.
I'm feeling thankful for the small things today.
I'm feeling thankful for the small things today.

Happy, Happy birthday to me.
Happy birthday to me.
And to you.
Happy, Happy birthday to me.
Happy birthday to me.
And to you.

I'm feeling thankful for the small things today.
I'm feeling thankful for the small things today.

I said I remember you, I crashed your wedding.
With some orange crepe paper and some Halloween candy.
Sometimes I wish I were Catholic, I don't know why.
I guess I'm happy to see your face at a time like this.

Happy, Happy birthday to me.
Happy birthday to me.
And to you.
Happy, Happy birthday to me.
Happy birthday to me.
And to you.

Happy birthday baby, to me.
Happy birthday baby, to me.


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October 24, 2003

did you do too many drugs? i did too many drugs. did you do too many drugs too, baby?

i need a date to the prom, would you like to come along?
nobody will go to the prom with me.




Instant grati-fucking-cation.


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Boston College vs. the Big East: Who is dumber?

Hi, Boston College?
Yeah, what the hell are you thinking?
You're giving up any semblance of regional rivalries.
You're making some strange claims about enlarging your recruiting 'footprint.'
Oh, yeah. You'll get access to all those Florida football recruits you don't get now.
Cause they'll want to come to BC after Miami and Florida State beat the crap out of you every year.
And basketball recruits?
Pardon me.
Um, you'll now be up against Duke, Wake Forest, UNC, NC State, Maryland, etc.
Face it.
You're going to be a doormat.
A doormat in a league where your closest rival is over 400 miles away.
You're leaving a league that you now have a chance to be a big dog in, a league that will probably maintain its BCS status, a league where you have a natural rival eighty miles away.
Your travel planners and athletic budget makers must love you.
But this move is going to raise your profile, right?
Just like Baylor.
Just like Vanderbilt.
Just like Northwestern.
Welcome to doormat-land, fools.

And the Big East.
CUSA has moved.
The WAC moved.
Damn, make that announcement.
And what the fuck is up with not taking Marshall?
That's my real beef.
I realize you're after basketball.
I'm willing too ignore the fact that Louisville is in no way, shape or from east, nor is Cincinnati. And Milwaukee? Chicago?
But whatever.
So you take Cincy, Lousiville, Marquette and DePaul.
You become a very, very good basketball conference.
But what are you replacing?
You're losing your two best football programs.
And stupid, stupid BC.
You're not losing any great basketball programs.
You're getting two average-at-best football programs.
And four excellent basketball programs.
or quit playing football altogether.
Actually, just quit.
Stupid northeasterners don't care enough about football to deserve I-A teams.

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Guess who has DSL at home now?

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October 23, 2003

holy effing jesus fuck

I have a massive headache.

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half of me is ocean, half of me is sky

ramblings and thievings:

a haystack in a needle
pot kettle black
I will no longer do the devil's wishes
perfection is finite
losing chunks of myself along the way
want to sing walking down the street
stupid, stupid rat creatures
I can only thank god it was not to late
what do I do with everything left over
why are you so perfect, sometimes
glass ears shatter
the only thing on fire was his cigarette
all my lies are always wishes
far away from dry land and its bitter memories
I'm not a bad person for not calling you back
you're the whole world
the whole of the moon
stopping starting stopping
have a beer and a smoke
sometimes I wish I was catholic, I don't know why
you're guilty, that's why they hate you
let's talk about time itself
I'll be fine
a solitary man crying hold me, it's only because he's lonely
I never thought it would come to this
the streets of london
happy birthday to me
I crashed your wedding
stack them to the heavens
he only wanted more time.

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I felt like I should do this again...

not for the season

Springtime comes and the leaves are back on the trees again
Snipers are harder to see my friends
Hiding in the deep end
Weeding out the weekends

Summer comes and gravity undoes you
You're happy because of the lovely way the sunshine bends
Hiding from your close friends
Weeding out the weekends

Candy left over from Halloween
The unified theory of everything
Love left over from lovers leaving
Books, they all know they're not worth reading
It's not for the season

When autumn comes you sit in your chair and you stare
At the TV square
Hiding in the deep end
Weeding out the weekends

Winter comes and the days all start late
There's motion on the boughs where the dark shapes prowl
Feeling out the feelings
Feeling out the feeling

Candy left over from Halloween
The unified theory of everything
Love left over from lovers leaving
Books, they all know they're not worth reading
It's not for the season

Candy left over from Halloween
The unified theory of everything
Love left over from lovers leaving
Books, they all know they're not worth reading
It's not for the season

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October 22, 2003

I don't care if it's wrong to be angry

somebody that i used to know

i had tender feelings that you made hard
but it's your heart, not mine, that's scarred
so when i go home i'll be happy to go
you're just somebody that i used to know

you don't need my help anymore
it's all down to you, there ain't no before
now that you're big enough to run your own show
you're just somebody that i used to know

i watched you deal in a dying day
and throw the living past away
so you can be sure that you're in control
you're just somebody that i used to know

i know you don't think you did me wrong
and i can't stay this mad for long
keeping ahold of what you just let go

you're just somebody that i used to know

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October 21, 2003

With her lips she said, "hey paul, hey paul, hey paul, let's have a ball"

Too stupid to figure out internet polls and shiznit.
Poll by comments:
Where should Steve go for spring break to write, do photo essays, feel alienated and lost, and achieve some sort of higher consciousness through fast-fast crowdy-crowd?

A) Tokyo
B) Mexico City
C) Sao Paulo
D) Manila
E) Istanbul
F) Hong Kong
G) Somewhere else (please suggest. must be a big crowded city that moves fast, is at least slightly dangerous, and where the main language isn't English)
H) "Dude, you already live in LA. Why do you need to go somewhere else for that?"

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Lend me some sugar, I am your neighbor


And you know what, don't tell me it's not a book. It's a comic book, a graphic novel, a whatever, but all you people who look down on a work of art because of the medium the artist chose can go fuck yourselves. It's really, really good.

Ted Leo & the Pharmacisits - Hearts of Oak

Well, not Intolerable Cruelty, I can tell you that much. A kind of nice tribute to screwball comedy, but totally lacking in Cohen Bros. originality. For a better screwball comedy tribute, one with its own unique personality, watch LA Story. In fact, LA Story is the movie of the week.

A fellow doughty fan, and someone who lies about his age to make himself sound older. He has to be at the very least ten years younger than he says he is. I suspect eleven or twelve.
I think he's trying to get medicare early before it all runs out.
Sneaky bastard.

That is all, my subjects.
Play amongst yourselves.
I'll be back later.
Miss me.

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October 14, 2003

Chinaman is not the preferred nomenclature.


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October 13, 2003

I'm Staying Here (And I'm Not Buying A Gun)

So, my depressive funk has calmed a bit, and I'm feeling alright.

My mom was in town this weekend, and was total punk-rock mom, telling another woman that she was in love with her husband, and stealing menus from restaurants to use for her women's group's chili party.

I shaved my head (again), but not all the way bald this time, just short. At some point, I do plan to go to an actual hair-cutting place, but it's a bit scary for me as I haven't been to one in 6 years or so.

i also did the crossword today, and totally punked it, finishing in like 30 minutes (although, it was the LA Times crossword, so not necessarily the hardest one in the world).

I should get my DSL kit soon, so I can blog from home, which should lead to an increase in posts, for good or ill.

right, off to get coffe and then go to my stupid class.

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October 10, 2003

Weekly awards, mofos.

Album of the week:
Elvis Costello Get Happy!! The re-issue with 50 songs!!

Movie of the week:
Bubba Ho-Tep

Book of the week:
Last Chance to See Douglas Adams

Blogger of the week, month and year:

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October 08, 2003

Don't, don't, don't let's start

Top five signs steve is depressed right now:
1. Sleeping 12-14 hours a day and still tired.
2. Eating constantly. And gaining lots of weight.
3. Irrationally intense emotional reactions to things. (Finding/not finding parking spaces, making/not making lights, having missed 28 Days in theaters, fighting traffic)
4. Total cessation of masturbation or even impulse to maturbate.
5. Chain smoking.

Top five reasons why steve is depressed right now:
1. Overwhelmed with everything.
2. Fear of success/failure at new writing program.
3. Homesick.
4. Lack of structure in daily routine.
5. Not drinking enough.

Top five reasons why it is ridiculous for steve to be depressed:
1. In writing program which he really wanted to get into.
2. Finally out of Tulsa, his main excuse for being depressed over the last year.
3. Fun friends that he hangs out with all the time.
4. No money problems thanks to huge loans.
5. People seem to like his writing.

I think I need to go for a jog, or maybe start saying "Everyday, in every way, I am becoming a better and better second lieutenant."

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October 07, 2003

How can I sing like a girl

So, with no musical talent, and a billion CDs, after years of talking 'bout it 'bout it, I've decided I'm starting a band. This is something akin to Chris Berman deciding he's going to form an NFL franchise, be the coach, GM and QB.

I will be singing (and Chops knows exactly how scary this proposition is).

The band will be called...

(drum roll please)

(oh, that's right, I have no drummer)


I'm aiming for a sort of Elvis Costello meets the Clean meets the Pogues meets Mike Doughty meets Spoon meets Wilco's being there meets Clem Snide meets a big fuckin' grizzly bear who eats them all and then burps lyrics sounding like a less hard tom waits style.

So piss off.

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sometimes you eat the bar...

some business that I'm too lazy to email, and a notable blog.

confidential to katie:
miss hall, are we having wednesday drinking club meeting tomorrow?

Sorry I missed last week, I hope I'll be able to catch up.

confidential to pip_52:
Ok, so I was in the most bewildering music store in the world yesterday, and I had North in my little mitts. Then I saw the Get Happy!! reissue with the new bonus CD with 30!! (count 'em, 30!!), extra tracks, and the usual insanely detailed liner notes written by E.C. hisself, for a whole dollar cheaper than said new album, and I just had to get that. So now I have two (count 'em, two!!) copies of said album somewhere, but since I can't seem to find my ryko reissue after the big move, I'm getting happy that I bought the new one. Oh, and I can't stand up for falling down.

And, my buddy Andy has updated his blog!!

So go wisit it. Nowowowowowowowowowow.

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